You love agriculture… show it - eurooppalainen maatalousaiheinen kuvakilpailu

05.10.2005 - 19:48

Osallistu kansainväliseen kuvakilpailuun. Kuvat tulee lähettää 12.2. mennessä sähköpostilla osoitteeseen:

For the first time ever in Europe, everyone is invited to
demonstrate their passion for agriculture thanks to the photo
competition, Agriculture, je t’aime! Make your feelings heard thanks to
the commitment by Bayer Cropscience France, Case IH, Total, the
Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture, les Jeunes agriculteurs
(Young Farmers) and the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Photography Centre
– six partners who strive to share their passion for agriculture.

agriculture an industry not loved enough? No. Suffering from bas press,
unknown or misunderstood , Perhaps. It definitely suffers from a lack
of acknowledgement, but not from a lack of love! Thousands of farmers
currently live off the earth. Farming is a demanding profession which
no one can undertake unless they have it at heart.

For the first
time ever on a Europe-wide scale, everyone will have the opportunity in
2005 to express his and her love for the farming world thanks to this
competition which combines artistic sensitivity, the rural life and new
technology. Organised by the photo agency,, the project
has quickly received positive feedback from many partners.

Another take on agriculture

animals, the countryside... Agriculture and its environment offer
countless possibilities for that perfect shot. Such pictures are a
fantastic account of the activity in our countryside.

inviting the people of Europe to take part in this competition, the
major challenge is to enhance the value of the beauty of agriculture
and thus offer the public at large a different take on the industry.

An international scope thanks to new technology

to digital photography, taking part in the competition is now possible
from any computer connected to the Internet. All that participants have
to do is send three photographs in before 12 February along with a few
words to express the participant’s interest. Please send submissions to

The photo agency
will select the finest shots before submitting them to a jury
comprising professionals from the world of photography, representatives
from the agricultural world, the media and partners. The jury will
select the best amateur photographer from each category (portraits,
cultivation, animal husbandry, etc.) to receive a prize in the form of
digital photography equipment. The winning photographs will be
displayed in Fron a giant screen at the farm shows at the beginning of
the year, two high points for professionals to meet with the general

An exhibition of professionals associated with the amateur competition

the same time as the amateur competition, an exhibition of some 15
European professional photographers will be held at the 2005
International Farming in Paris. Participants have been selected by the
trade show commissioner general, in tandem with the Nord-Pas de Calais
Regional Photography Centre. Among the participants will be the
photographers Daniel MICHIELS (Belgium), Daniel MAIGNE (France), Paul
Den HOLLANDER (the Netherlands ), Manfred WILLMAN (Austria), Wojtiech
PRASZMOVSKI (Poland), Alexandros AVRAMIDIS (Greece), Henrik DUNCKER
(Finland), Sandor HORVATH (Hungary), Jose MUNOZ (Spain), Mariaalba
RUSSO (Italie), Wolfgang KUNZ (Germany) and Robin DANCE (England).

and registration conditions and rules may be obtained from Olivier
Jacques on +33(0) or via e-mail at

Contact presse :
Agence EJPH - Olivia Ruch
27 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75 001 Paris
Tél. : 01 53 00 94 23
Fax : 01 42 33 56 09