Kutsu: EU:n maatalousministerien kokous Virossa 3.-5.9.2017

12.07.2017 - 12:15

Kutsu maataloustoimittajille EU:n maatalousministerien kokoukseen Viroon 3.-5.9.2017

Mukaan huippukokoukseen pääsee hakemusten perusteella kolme maataloustoimittajaa Suomesta. Lähetä hakemuksesi 14.7.2017 klo 10 mennessä puheenjohtajalle Markku Pulkkiselle osoitteeseen: markku.k.pulkkinen@kolumbus.fi

Lisätietoa matkasta:

It’s a combination of attending the informal meeting of the EU ministers of agriculture and fisheries alongside visits to several farms plus a delegate meeting oF ENAJ and other engagements.

More details about the trip:
The informal meeting of the ministers is in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The theme of the meeting will be “Risk management: empowering our farmers with effective tools to manage the risks post-2020”.

The press trip starts in the afternoon on Sunday September 3 with a visit to a large dairy farm and a presentation from Copa Cogeca. On September 4 there is a visit to a sheep farm and to a wine producer. The journalists can meet the ministers on September 5 and follow in the afternoon the press conference at the end of the meeting.